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The Faroe Islands are a beautiful archipelago of 18 islands, forming part of the Kingdom of Denmark. Located between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, the islands are a place of incredible natural beauty, with fresh air, quiet country lanes and villages of turf thatched houses and dry stone walls, set in a magnificent background of deep blue ocean, green mountains and valleys.

The islands  also offer an extraordinary diversity of bird life, with over 300 species identified. Explore this beautiful country independently with your travel and accommodation arrangements all booked for you, with the assistance of local guides, or on a self drive tour.

Tours to Faroe Islands



Tour Touring Category Duration Tour Description Departure
Classic Circle Self Drive 8 days Explore the highlights of the Faroe Islands by car All year
Classic Winter Explorer Self Drive 5 days Explore Vagar and Eysturoy Islands Sep - Apr
Discover Greenland, Iceland & the Faroe Islands Independent 13 days Ilulissat (West Greenland), Iceland & the Faroe Islands Jun - Aug
Discover Iceland and the Faroe Islands Independent 8 Days Reykjavik and Torshavn with guided day excursions May - Sep
Explore the Faroe Islands Independent 8 days Explore the real Faroe Islands, travelling by local ferry & bus Jun - Aug
Faroese Discovery Independent 8 days Explore from your Torshavn base Jun - Aug
Faroese Treasures Self Drive 7 days Leisurely self drive circle tour of the islands May - Sep
From South to North Self Drive 6 days Short self drive break in the Faroe Islands May - Sep
Highlights of the Faroe Islands Independent 7 days Enjoy scenery, history & traditions from Torshavn Jun - Aug
Magic of the Faroes Escorted 6 days Stay on the islands of Streymoy, Eysturoy and Vagar Aug + Sep 2019, Sep + Oct 2020
Nature Lovers Exploration Self Drive 8 days Self drive with an emphasis on bird life and nature Jun - Aug
Taste of the Faroes Independent 4 days Faroese culture with an emphasis on fabulous Nordic Cuisine All year
Torshavn Classic Break Independent 4 days Visit the charming capital of the Faroe Islands All year
Winter days in the Faroe Islands Self Drive 6 days Visit Vagar and Streymoy Islands Sep - Apr